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June Dog Assist Desexing Program

Keen Street Veterinary Clinic has offered discounted desexing rates in June for the last 5 years for dogs to help reduce the number of unwanted animals. It has been very successful. We also offer a similar scheme for cats as we believe that it is important to desex your pets.

This program is designed to try to help those people that find it difficult to afford to have their dog desexed. Bookings are essential, our experience with the cat desexing program is that places can fill very quickly and there are limits to the numbers of animals that will be scheduled on each day. 

To be eligible,

  • People must present their current Health Care Card or Pension Card.
  • Pay for the desexing in the morning when their Pet is presented to the clinic.

Animals that will be eligible will be dogs aged between 5 months and 7 years that are healthy, with no other medical conditions.

  • Dogs will undergo a health check on admission, and animals that are sick will not be desexed.
  • Bitches that are pregnant or on heat, will incur additional charges, at normal rates.
  • Dogs with retained testicles will also incur additional charges.
  • Any other procedures that need to be performed will be charged at ordinary rates. This may include vaccinations, microchipping, skin scrapes, etc.

Our clinic will maintain the same standards that we do for all desexings.

  • All animals will receive a health check before undergoing surgery.
  • Dogs will be given a premedication injection under the skin to help relax the dog, but also to provide pain relief BEFORE the operation
  • All dogs will have an intravenous catheter placed. They will receive their injectable anaesthetic through this.
  • A small sample of blood is collected when the catheter is placed. This is checked to make sure your pet is not anaemic or have low protein.
  • All animals will be placed on fluids during their procedure.
  • All animals will be placed on gaseous anaesthetic and be warmed during and after surgery to maintain as normal as possible body temperature.
  • Any animal requiring additional pain relief during surgery will receive it.
  • All animals will receive an anti-inflammatory pain relief at the end of the surgery during wake up that will give them continued pain relief for the following 24 hours.

For more information on how to prepare your pet for surgery, and what to look for after surgery you can download the following document.

Surgical Admission Information

For more information please contact our clinic on 0266219811.

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