Experienced Surgical Team

Our veterinarians’ high level of expertise and our practice’s fully equipped surgical suite allows us to perform the vast majority of surgical procedures that your pet may require. We care for all animals during surgery like they are our own pets. Almost all patients receive fluids, anitibiotics & pain relief before & after surgery, at no extra cost.

They include procedures such as;
- Desexing
- Exploratory laporotomies
- Fracture repair
- Cruciate Ligament repair
- Caesareans
- Eye removal/repair
- Lump removals
- Dog Fight wound repairs
- Abscess drainage
- Biopsies
- Wound stitch-ups/Laceration repair
- Removal of intestinal foreign bodies

The list is endless!

If there is anything we cannot do for you, or if there is a better surgical option, we will always give you the best options, including specialist referral.