Pestivirus is an infection that can lead to severe loss of stock.

Pestivirus can cause a wide range of signs depending on their age or stage of pregnancy when they were exposed.
Signs include:
- Diarrhoea
- Chronic wasting
- Respiratory signs
- Temporary infertility
- Foetal defects
- Stillbirths
- Immune suppression triggering a wide range of other diseases

Exposed foetus' may be malformed or weak when born & die. They will have a very poor immune system & contract a wide range of diseases. Some develop mouth ulcers & diarrhoea.

Treatment of the symptoms of the presenting infection is all you can do. Persistently treating ill calves is not recommended as the disease is incurable.

Vaccination is strongly recommended before joining breeders.
Testing is also now more popular to rule out infected animals.