Pinkeye or also known as Blight, is an infection of the surface on eye, the conjuctiva. It is spread by flies, dust & long grass. Pinkeye can be severe and can cause blindness &/or rupture of the affected eye. Cattle with active Pinkeye infection should not be transported in an effort to limit disease spread.

Signs affecting the eye:
- Weepy
- Inflamed
- Irritated by light
- Cloudy
- Creamy yellow whites of eyes
- Ulcerated
- Rupture

Treated affected animals at first signs often has the best result. Antibiotic eye ointments are used, applied to both eyes daily & is the preferred method as it is non irritant & stays in the eye longer however, this medication is prescription only & not to be given out & over the counter, you MUST be on clinic records with a recent visit to be prescribed this medication. Terramycin sprays & powders can also be used as non vet options. Advanced cases require vet visits for sub-conjuctival injections or surgically removing the eye altogether.

Fly control is essential. Mustering cattle or keeping in yards for extended periods of time will assist the spread of the disease. A vaccine is available however it only covers the main bacteria repsonsible & there are other causes.