Poisonous Plants

There are numerous plants that can cause ill effect in farm animals. This list is only very brief & does not go into any detail. If you suspect your stock has been poisoned please contact the clinic immediately on (02)66219811.

The signs, dose & time vary according to the plant and so does the treatment.

The following is a list taken from the North Coast Local Lands Services for most common in our area. They have been grouped by general signs they produce:

Sudden death - heart toxin:
- Oleander
- Mother of millions
- Red & White cotton bush

Sudden death - liver toxin:
- Poison peach
- Green cestrum
- Blue-green algae

- Setaria
- Sorghum
- Ryegrass
- Oats
- Kikuyu

- Red lantana
- Smart weed
- Ryegrass

- Bracken fern
- Rock fern

- Red lantana
- Fireweed
- Poison peach
- Blue green algae
- Cycad or Burrawong

Diarrhoea, wasting & death:
- Fireweed
- Blackbean

- Gas or frothy bloat - clover, lucerne, kikuyu
- Choke - Bush lemons, mangoes, chokos
- Excess fluid - kikuyu

Nervous signs/staggers:
- Ergot
- Paspalum
- Kikuyu
- Cycad or Burrawong
- Grass trees