**We are limited in our grooming availability.
It is recommended that unless your pet requires sedation, to contact another grooming service at this time**

Grooming is an important part of pet care. Depending on the breed, age,and health of your pet, grooming may even need to be a part of you and your pets daily routine. Some breeds don't shed their hair effectively (eg. Poodles) and require grooming by a professional every 6 - 12 weeks. Long haired cats can particularly benefit from regular grooming as it helps prevent the formation of knots on the skin and hairballs in the stomach.

Our Grooming Services

We offer basic grooming, clipping and washing services for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Our grooming service is provided by our nurses. While we take pride in our work, we are NOT professional groomers. We use grooming tools like curry brushes, clippers, stripping combs, slicker brushes, thinning scissors and dryers. This enables us to tailor the grooming service to the particular needs of your pet, for an overall optimum result. We also wash your pet with a suitable shampoo and conditioner. 

We offer basic grooming services including:

* All over hair clipping (IT IS SHORT) - Please note that we do NOT have the full range of blades offered by professional groomers. Our clips are designed for starting a-fresh or as an extra tick prevention strategy.

* Face, feet or bottom clips 

* Nail trimming 

* Ear cleaning

Some animals will not tolerate the sound or feel of clippers, so to reduce stress on the patient & for the safety of our staff, some animals will require a general sedation or anaesthetic to achieve this. This is at additional cost to the groom service. 

ALL cats require a sedation to be clipped here! This is included in the standard adult cat clip price. 

During tick season, a lot of owners opt to get short hair cuts to help the daily tick searching process, this can make the difference between finding a tick or missing a tick and your pet becoming paralysed. 

Due to the operation of the clinic, all full body groom pets are required to be dropped off in the morning stay until up to until 3pm. This time may vary. 

If you have any further questions or to book, please contact our qualified veterinary nurses - we are here to help!

Grooming at Home

We encourage you to also engage in regular grooming with your pet at home. There are numerous benefits of regular grooming, for example:

* Decreased chance of skin problems 

* Optimal skin cleanliness and comfort for you and your pet 

* Improved monitoring of health issues like cuts, heat, swelling, lameness, or changes in temperament. 

* Enhanced behavioural routines with obedient submission during grooming periods 

* Closer bonding with your pet through regular contact